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We design and build styling props to help show off your product, on camera or in the real world.

We started Plinthy after a year or so of building props for our own photography work. It had been difficult to find good quality, solid props to shoot with. We did a load of research into what materials and techniques worked best, learned a lot of new woodworking skills(!) from people in the know and perfected our spraying technique.

The goal was to offer high quality products in loads of styles, sizes and colours  whilst keeping our prices reasonable. We wanted to help photographers and stylists build up a flexible prop collection that was a pleasure to work with.

When we started getting more requests for custom builds for use off-camera, like retail display and event installs, we decided to add more styles to our core collection that worked for the real world too.

Now, we're focusing on extending our range of off-the-shelf styles whilst working with clients on concept development, set design & custom builds.

You can find some answers on the FAQ page but if you have any questions about our products or would like to talk about creating a custom design, here's the place to do it.